We are Anti-Violence.
A Movement
Across the GTA.

Teen violence in the GTA has been on the rise in the last few years. Our plan is to help slow down and reduce the amount of outbreaks within our beloved city. Sharing art and media revolving spreading the message of harboring peace, love & anti-violence within ourselves as young teenagers will establish a warm, welcoming community for those who may have either experienced or committed crimes in the name of violence. This campaign was launched in response to the stabbing of my father at my home on Saturday, September 26th 2015 at 10pm. We believe that instead of succumbing to the anger and/ or rage we may experience during times like these, we realized that it needed to come to an end. Our retaliation will be displayed through encouraging positivity and making sure events of this caliber wont be repeated or practiced within my home city (Brampton) and the GTA. Teen unity will prevent these events from taking place, which is why we felt this Campaign had to be presented. A message to teenagers across the GTA that may have urges to commit crimes and contribute to the negative way of life would be to simply be productive in the most positive way. Whether it may be through music, art or clothing, we encourage teens across the GTA to give an input on what you'd like to see coming out of our city and we will do our very best to present that image in the most presentable manner. Thank you for your time.

- Matt M. Butale


Help us spread the word!

Everybody keep tweeting #PRAYFORDIDDY untill we get it trending an find the people in charge!